Rolleston, Christchurch, and Canterbury Pet Care!

Nick Page introduces Rolleston Vets (RVS):

Rolleston Veterinary Services was borne out of a desire to provide a top-class, modern veterinary service to clients. Throughout its history we have maintained and acted on this ethos. Our mandate is to obtain accurate and firm diagnoses rather than simply providing symptom-based medicine. We are proud to be able to offer our clients all available options for treatment and diagnostics thus placing the major decision-making firmly with our clients and them becoming an integral member of the clinical team looking after their animal. We are proud to have been able to have kept well-abreast of available technology and now commonly make use of such advanced modalities as fluoroscopy, CT scans, MRI scans and radiotherapy on top of standard modalities such as radiography, endoscopy and ultrasonography.

This ethos has enabled us to maintain practice at an exceptionally high level whilst still feeling an integral member of our local community, which is very important to us. Empathy is a hallmark of our philosophy and again is integral to the reason why all of our staff love their jobs. Professionalism is another keyword for us.

Perhaps the use of simple words can aid as an introduction to our practice?

Professional, caring, skilled, technologically advanced, exceptionally high clinical standards!

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