It’s Easter Time! That means chocolate danger.

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Easter is fast approaching us, as we are all reminded by the stacks of chocolates and Easter Eggs in the shops, which we can’t wait to enjoy!


Our 4-legged friends and family sometimes enjoy it too, and it does more than just damage their waist-lines.

Our advise is, of course, to keep your treats somewhere safe and out of reach! But sometimes they out-smart us and manage to get their paws on it anyway.

Chocolate Toxicity in dogs can cause:
Vomiting and Diarrhea
Increased Thirst and/or urination
Increased Heart Rate
Muscle tremors
Heart failure can also be seen.

Symptoms are dependent on amount ingested, type of chocolate (dark is the worst type, but milk chocolate can cause symptoms too!), and the health of the animal.


If your dog ingests chocolate, call a Vet ASAP. They will be able to calculate the potential risk to your pet and give advise based on this. Often we will induce vomiting, but there is a limited time window to do this in to be effective.

Happy Easter Everyone!
(we hope you don’t need us!)

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