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    The Dangers of Speeding

    Bo presented as a sudden and frightening neurological case as a beloved nine-month-old pup by his owners. Bo is a whippet and so by nature a very athletic dog. He enjoys running like the wind at his rural home with the room to allow him …

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    Georgie – The story of a very lucky lamb!

    t was a miserable winters day when we were called to an Ewe (Annie) who was not making any progress with her lambing. She had been straining the whole previous day and passed her water bag the night before, but she seemed to have no …

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    In early 2016 an approximately 8 week old, female, tabby domestic short hair, stray kitten presented at Rolleston Vet Services for a check-up and to evaluate a limp. On presentation I performed a thorough clinical exam and determined that “Poor-Wee-Pickle” was malnourished and underweight, suffering …

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    Dear clients, We will be holding a free information evening this Thursday (29.01.2015) at 7:30pm at the Rolleston Community Center regarding the recent tick situation in our area. Beverages provided. We look forward to seeing you there. Please share this message with friends that are …

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    Betty’s Bulldog Brood

    Mastitis Post Whelping Betty is a three year old Bulldog bitch who delivered ten healthy puppies after a caesarean section in February. Three weeks later she suddenly became unwell. She was very lethargic and constantly shaking. Her owners booked her in to see one our …

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    What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

    A case of clinical high-second degree atrio-ventricular block treated via trans-venous ventricular pace-maker implantation  N E Page BVSc, Rolleston Veterinary Services Ltd “Abby” Davidson, a ten-year-old, speyed female, black & tan, standard Dachshund, presented to Rolleston Veterinary Services with a recent history of episodes of fainting. During …

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    Diaphragmatic hernia in a cat

    Mak Whittington is a 6-year-old domestic short hair cat who presented on Wednesday 2nd May with acute onset of lethargy, anorexia and shallow breathing. On examination Mak had some superficial abrasions to his chin and forelegs and two bite wounds to his right hock. Mak also …

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    Just a fussy eater?

    Miss Marple is a 8 year old, tiny pug (5kg) from Germany. She was initially fed a normal diet. However, her preference was to eat  apples and vegetables. Only on rare occasions would she eat dog biscuits or boiled chicken. Regardless of her diet she …

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